3 Independent Magazines Every Hostess Should Read

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Creating a space in a home that reflects one’s unique style is something many people enjoy. Not only do I enjoy it, but I also love to share it by inviting friends and family into my home. Opening up your home and sharing a meal that you put your own time and effort to create is like sharing a part of you. As someone lacking professional experience in neither interior design nor cooking, it definitely helps to get an idea or two from other places, and while the Internet can be a great resource to find inspiration, it can also get monotonous, and the replicas you see in every page can lack originality.

Though the term “print is dead” rings true to many publishing industries, the world of small, independent magazines are beginning to rise – introducing a new and exciting realm to the print industry. These independent magazines cover daring and personal stories from real people that mainstream magazines lack the ability to do. Whether you need a visually appealing coffee table book or some inspiration to flip through, these magazines curated specifically for home lovers should definitely be given a read. Covering everything from home design to recipes for parties and gatherings, these magazines will give you refreshing ideas on how to curate a beautiful space in your home – as well as new ways to spend time with friends and family.

Here are the Hostess Embodied’s top three recommendations of independent magazines:


Gather is a food journal like no other. This magazine focuses on recipes filled with exquisite photography and insightful stories. Flipping through an issue of Gather will have you prepared for your next dinner party. If you aren’t able to get your hands on the actual print magazine, take a scroll through their website where you can get access to the most unique cocktails that will be sure to impress your guests.


Based in Barcelona, Apartmento magazine has beautiful photography, personal stories, and interviews focused on home and community. In each issue, readers are introduced to renowned designers and beautiful home tours of houses across the globe. You can even download their Apartmento Magazine app to flip through their published content on the go.


Darling Magazine is a publication based in Los Angeles that empowers women. The magazine consists of eight personas – The Hostess. In this section of the magazine, you can read through stories about famous cooks and interior designers on how to make more sustainable choices in your home. You can become a part of the Darling Movement by attending a Darling Dinner event held throughout the US.

(All images by me unless otherwise noted) 

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